Facebook, destroying marriages one poke at a time..

It started out with a poke… how did it end up like this! (haha.. get it?) Facebook has become the leading reason why married couples are getting a divorce. Temptation is basically being handed to you on a silver platter. According to a U.S. survey, one in five divorces in America is because of Facebook. Congratulations, all those likes, comments and pokes have now made your spouse suspicious, leaving your marriage destined for failure. As if it isn’t hard enough to make a marriage work, Facebook is thrown in the mix, making infidelity an easy task. Lets start with Facebook chat. You can flirt all you want while catching up with an old flame, crush or even getting to know a complete stranger who requested you. Here is a little tip, don’t forget to clear chat history. Then you have the flirty pokes, and double meaning comments… which all in all should not be said or done, leaving your significant other to snoop and in the end stumble upon your cyber-cheating ways.

The average Facebook user has 130 friends. Stalking on Facebook has become even easier with the new friendship option. Every picture, comment, mutual friend and post is on that page. Even the date you started being friends on Facebook. From experience, (yes, I am guilty of doing my share of FB stalking ;x ) when you are in a relationship and you see some woman write on your boyfriends wall, or comment on his picture… you don’t just allow that to continue without knowing every little detail about this person. Not only myself, but you better believe my friends have informed me the second it happens.

According to ZeeBiz.com, Facebook was by far the biggest offender in divorces due to social media, with 66% of lawyers citing it as the primary source of evidence in a divorce case. MySpace followed with 15%, Twitter at 5% and other websites together at 14%.

Should you delete Facebook to save your marriage? Or is Facebook just another excuse people can blame for being unfaithful?

Just remember, it’s not official unless it’s on Facebook.


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