hey, wanna skype?

Facebook just one-upped the one-upper. Skype is coming to a Facebook near you! Facebook application developer Tal Ater has spotted “VideoChat” in Facebook’s code. Skype, last month revealed a deep integration with Facebook, but how is it going to work? Are you going to need a Skype account in order to use this feature? I think the term Facebook Stalking just took a new turn. Ater predicts that Facebook is testing the feature with a select group of users as the code doesn’t appear every time the page is loaded, according to Mashable.

In all honesty, I am getting a little excited. As if my Skype obsession isn’t bad enough you add Facebook to the mix, oh noooo. I feel bad for all those relationships that already are having problems due to Facebook, now with Skype, lying is OUT of the question.


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