home away from home

For the past few months I have left my house at 8:17 am, traveled across the Palmetto, waited in an unbearable amount of traffic waiting to get on to 95 North, to then get off the highway and weave my way through crazy North Miami drivers, only to arrive fifteen minutes late to work, EVERYDAY. Ahh work, my home away from home. Here I have grown and discovered my love for public relations and social media. Twitter seemed like a chore at first, but now it has become more of an addiction (yes, to the point where I am sleeping and I will wake up in the middle of the night to see if my followers have increased).  When reading my blog, you may come across a few names, Howard and Lisandra (the head honchos) and Vanessa and Lindsay (a few of my coworkers) and together, we make up HRMC. Lincoln Road,  Bar 721, LadyLash Studios, The Continental Group, Spain, Sunny Isles Beach, and Travelpro are a few of our clients. If you have never heard of them, then let me give you a quick little refresher course. Lets start with Lincoln Road. Lincoln Road is the “rodeo drive” of Miami. We’ve got stores (BCBG<3, French Connection, Apple ect.), restaurants and nightlife, which leads me to Bar 721. Bar 721 is located a block away from Lincoln Road, (Lincoln Lane, to be exact) and it is an upscale lounge/bar. I am not saying this because they are my client and I am supposed to say things like this, but the atmosphere and decor is so chic and I absolutely love it. Next we have LadyLash Studios, this is for those lovely ladies who love to look beautiful. LadyLash has a makeup line and they also do eyelash extensions. Lisandra and Vanessa both got their lashes done, (which I am still waiting for mine… BY THE WAY). Then there is The Continental Group, and they are property royalty… so watch out. Moving on, we have Spain, yes, the country and Sunny Isles Beach (for those who don’t know, you can watch a live feed of the beach on top of the Aqualina). Last but not least we have Travelpro. Travelpro is luggage for the business man or woman. You may have seen George Clooney using the Travelpro Rolling Laptop Bag in a little movie I like to call Up in the Air. Believe it or not, the luggage won best supporting role ;).

Lisandra and some football player ;D

Lindsay, myself, Lisandra and Vanessa - eating at the Standard


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